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HomeAbout MeInterestsFavorite SitesPhoto GalleryComments Well I started in 1978 dreaming about cars and what I wanted, well it didnít take long before I was ready to hit the world and show them what I had the only problem was no money I was only 13 years old and throwing the paper wasnít going to cut it, well that didnít stop me from dreaming. My dad started taking me out and letting me drive at 14 years old and I felt pretty comfortable drive by the time I had my license. So by the time I was in High School I was teaching everybody how to drive standard in driverís education yes we had that back then it was a part of the school. Not any more itís EXPENSIVE now. But I started off with a 68 VW Type III Fastback and I lowered it and had it repainted and installed a killer stereo in it, and my Mom & Dad always said we could hear you coming from around the corner, so it was loud enough for me. Now I donít care much for the stereo as much as the look of the car but before I finished with the 68 VW I had gone out and bought a 59 ElCamino and started on that. When I bought it the person just finished replacing the whole flooring and hadnít remounted the body to the frame so I had to go though the whole thing and remount the body to the frame. After that I acquired a 72 Small Block 400, 4 bolt main and I rebuilt it to put into the ElCamino ran great a little to great was loud and proud. Kind of got bored with it so before I was even done with it I bought a 57 VW Oval Window, well I kept this hidden from Mom & Dad for about a year or so talk about mad this wasnít one of my brighter ideals. I figured out that I should never do that again. By this time I had graduated and found a much better job and started to move out well I took all my projects with me and shortly after moving in I sold the 59 ElCamino now and then I wished I never sold it but it was more than I could chew at the time. After moving in I found out that the backyard wasnít big enough I didnít have enough covered space I wanted nor did I have the tools. Well after 15 years of living in the same place I finally have the money and the know how and built me a huge garage. After the garage I have added to my project a 55 F-1 Ford Truck and a 61 Sunbeam Alpine and my Sons 68 F-100 Ford Truck and I still have the 57 VW with me so this is were Iím at now. I have always enjoyed working with Cars & Trucks and doing customizing and paint & body. So my question to you is what can I do for you?